3D Printer – Mondrian 3.0

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A kit dedicated to the DIY enthusiast!
The 3D-print quality depends on the quality of the machine assembly. Don’t start to build your Mondrian if you feel uncertain about your mechanical and / or electronical skills or if you lack of time. The only technical support is accessible on the wiki page: reprap.org/wiki/Mondrian_Build_Manual
Read with care every step of the assembly instructions (do not content yourself with the pictures…).
With rigor and patience your 3D-prints will be as good as those from professional machines. 

The Mondrian 3.0 3D printer is open source, compact, and above all, modular.

Select your options:

  • Complete Kit – standard: All the elements required to build your 3Dprinter (printed parts, laser-cut parts, standard parts, tools).
  • Complete Kit – customised: Choose the colours of your printed parts and acrylic panels, as well as the logos to engrave in the panels, and receive all the parts you need to build the printer that suits you.

For special demands (assembled machine, dual extrusion, etc.) please contact us for a quote.


Product Description

Type: RepRap – replicating rapid prototype (partially built with 3D-printed parts)
Technique: FFF – fused filament fabrication
Number of printed parts: 42
Structure: aluminium extrusions + printed parts + lasercut parts
Materials to print: thermoplastics (PLA; PET; etc.)
ABS is not possible to print on this machine!
Heating bed

Dimensions (standard)
Device (without spool): H = 375 mm | L = 355 mm | W = 355 mm
Device (with spool): H = 375 mm | L = 355 mm | W = 455 mm
Build volume: H = 200 mm | L = 200 mm | W = 200 mm
Packaging: H = 450 mm | L = 450 mm | W = 450 mm
Weight: 8.10 kg

Printing parameters
Filament: Ø 1.75 mm
Nozzle: Ø 0.5 mm
Speed: between 10 and 60 mm / sec.
Positioning precision: XY = 0.0125 mm | Z = 0.00025 mm
Object resolution: +/- 0.05 mm
Layer height: high = 0.30 mm | medium = 0.20 mm | low = 0.10 mm

Heating temperatures
Bed: ≤ 85 °C
Head: ≤ 260 °C

AC input: 110-220 V
Power: 240 W
Energy consumption: 160 W
Electronic board: Megatronics
Connectivity: USB

Softwares: Slic3r, Pronterface, Repetier, Cura
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

1 power supply cable; 1 USB cable; 3 hexagonal spanners; pliers; 1 spool holder; 1 printing surface

Duration: 12-14 hours

Around 2 weeks

Additional Information

Weight 10500 g

Standard, Customised


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