FoldaRap 2.6 – Kit

A kit dedicated to the DIY enthusiast!
The 3D-print quality depends on the quality of the machine assembly. Don’t start to build your FoldaRap if you feel uncertain about your mechanical and / or electronical skills or if you lack of time. The only technical support is accessible on the wiki page: reprap.org/wiki/FoldaRap_Build_Manual
Read with care every step of the assembly instructions (do not content yourself with the pictures…).
With rigor and patience your 3D-prints will be as good as those from professional machines. 

Select your option:

  • Hardware-kit: print your own 3D parts (or ask a friend to do it for you) and find the other parts (standard parts, lasercut parts, tools) in this hardware-kit
  • Complete-kit: every part (printed parts, lasercut parts, standard parts) and tool you need to build your 3D-printer

Find the assembly instructions on the RepRap wiki: reprap.org/wiki/FoldaRap_Build_Manual

Product Description

Type: RepRap – replicating rapid prototype (partially built with 3D-printed parts)
Technique: FFF – fused filament fabrication
Number of printed parts: 38
Structure: aluminium extrusions + printed parts + lasercut parts
Materials to print: thermoplastics (PLA; PET; etc.)
ABS is not possible to print on this machine!


Dimensions (standard)
Device (without spool): X = 335 mm | Y = 340 mm | Z = 350 mm
Device (with spool): X = 355 mm | Y = 420 mm | Z = 350 mm
Device (folded): X = 335 mm | Y = 98 mm | Z = 390 mm
Build volume: X = 140 mm | Y = 140 mm | Z = 140 mm
Weight: 4.10 kg

Printing parameters
Filament: Ø 1.75 mm
Nozzle: Ø 0.5 mm
Speed: from 10 to 60 mm/sec
Positioning precision: XY = 6.25 µm | Z = 0.125 µm
Object resolution: +/- 0.05 mm
Layer height: high = from 0.10 to 0.30 mm

Heating temperatures
Bed: ≤ 85 °C
Head: ≤ 260 °C

AC input: 110-220 V
Energy consumption: 40-110 M
Electronic board: Minitronics 1.1
Connectivity: USB

Softwares: Slic3r, Pronterface, Repetier, Cura
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

1 power supply cable; 1 USB cable; 1 tool pocket (3 hexagonal spanners; pliers; cable-clamps); 1 spool holder


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