Open Edge

The FoldaRap – the 1st foldable 3D-printer in the world – stands at the beginning of Open Edge society.


The original 3D-printer emerged from the common work of the RepRap community. In return the FoldaRap developments were published in order to increase the global knowledge on the subject.


The FoldaRap met success at 2 crowdfunding campaigns. The raised funds made  us able to start the Open Edge adventure.

1st campaign : Ulule


2nd campaign : Goteo


This 2nd campagne allowed us to test the distributed manufacturing concept:


The FoldaRap owners of the 1st campaign printed the parts of the kits for the 2nd campaign.

Since the beginning of the FoldaRap, Open Edge evolved a lot and design 3D-printers for professionals while keeping on diffusing knowledge and contributing to create new knowledge.