Best wishes of health and happiness from the Open Edge team. Thanks to all for your support! Looking back In 2013 the most important investment was the huge laser cutter (1400 x 2600 mm). End of 2014 it was the truck, for local deliveries. In 2015 the most notable fact is about our futur local […]


New Partnership: PLA filament

There you go: brand new beautiful PLA spools – good plastic, and cheap! After the extruded aluminium profiles, OpenEdge extends its association with Motedis to filaments, which allows us to offer you spools of a high-quality PLA (made in Europe) for only €12.50 excl. Tax! To place your order, follow this link: Filament PLA (They sell fast, […]


Next Meetup: European Maker Faire Rome

(Our stand at the 2013 edition) Two years ago, when the first Maker Faire in Europe was announced in Rome, I hopped onto a plane with two FoldaRaps. Inevitably, the stand was somewhat lightweight, but it caught on nevertheless (and got three pages in an important general-public scientific magazine). This year, we’ll be able to go by truck, and of […]


Next Meetup: Local Heritage Days

On the occasion of the Local Heritage Days on 19-20 September 2015, Emmanuel MACRON, Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technologies, wishes to give a place of honour to innovative companies. During the Local Heritage Days, Open Edge will thus expose its activities to the public visiting the Ministries of the Economy and Finances at Bercy. We would be delighted to see you at […]