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We are working with several partners in various fields, we use their products in our projects and distribute some of them, among those we count :





Aluminium profiles and accessories


Ils organisent des ateliers de montage/formation à nos RepRap :

Electrolab (Paris, Nanterre)

Centre Social Chemillé (Nord-Ouest)

PiNG (Nantes)

LF2L / NYBICC (Nancy)


L’Université de Lorraine, and most precisely the ENSGSI school and the ERPI lab, in which Emmanuel opened one of the first FabLabs in France in fall 2011.

The Noun Project credits

Some icons are from us, and some are from the great site « The Noun Project ». Here are the credits:

  • LED Light Bulb by Keiran Lovett
  • Metal by Rodrigo Vidinich
  • Motion by Nick Abrams
  • Laser Cutter by Rhys Dezsery
  • Analytics by Christopher Holm-Hansen
  • Map Marker by Venkatesh Aiyulu
  • User by Piotrek Chuchla
  • Easel by Jeanette Clement
  • Screw by Dolly Vu
  • 3D Model by José Sanmartín González
  • Nanotechnology by Dan Hetteix
  • Wingnut by Jaap Knevel
  • Maintenance by Luis Rodrigues
  • Tube by Michael Senkow
  • 3D Printing by Andrew Cameron
  • 3D Printing by Andrew Cameron

Other credits

Slider image of the Mondrian, by Makery

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