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Impression 3D

Des pièces imprimées en 3D à partir de vos fichiers .STL


Des modèles 3D numériques réalisés selon votre cahier des charges.

Working at the bleeding edge of open-hardware

The FoldaRap project was born from a personnal need, following the “release early, release often” rule of Open Softwares, it raised many interests, and from the demand it became a product. Now its success is giving birth to Open Edge.\r\nIt was an experiment and a manifesto about how an open-source project should be done, then I used alternative ways to fund the first two batches with crowdfunding plateforms. And now we are also applying a distributed manufacturing strategy to give back to the community and keep the philosophy of the original RepRap project while scaling up.So the “bleeding edge” after which we are is not necessarily technologic, but more about other ways to make things, alternatives for a new society.

Manu – CEO Open Edge