2016Best wishes of health and happiness from the Open Edge team. Thanks to all for your support!

Looking back

In 2013 the most important investment was the huge laser cutter (1400 x 2600 mm).
End of 2014 it was the truck, for local deliveries.
In 2015 the most notable fact is about our futur local of 1300 square meters :)

The team is also growing, adding to Alain, Nathalie and myself, Cyrille who joined us on the manufacturing side, François for the research, computer things and communication, without mentioning the amazing people who come every week during the open-lab moment of the FabLab and contribute to the evolution of all these projects.

It was a year full of events, and even if we have some progress to make on the marketing side, we will be able to stand on our continuous R&D investment to deploy major improvements.

  • FoldaRap 2.1 / FoldaRap 2.2 / FoldaRap 2.5
  • Mondrian 2 / Mondrian 2.1 / Mondrian 2.2 / Mondrian 2.5
  • Alto
  • New hotends and the conical nozzle prototype


We keep going on then!
Moving to our new location on Dieuze during the first quarter.
The release of the Mondrian 3.0 !
The development of the “pro/educational” range (with the Alto 2)
A partnership with a big editor of CAD software to offer a complete solution.
Multiply our effiorts towards the education sector.
Our team will keep on groing to insure the work amount we are facing in 2016 (we’ve already identified our future team members ;)

And we will add at least two more people to the team, fortunately we already know who they are ;-)

We will keep you updated !

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